Tuesday, July 14, 2015

First P-day!

i love you all!!! i'm going to come back later today and write back to you all! the way it works is we come in and print off all our emails and then go do laundry and read them, so as not to use up our computer time, and then come back and reply. ate maid!!

( 2 hours later):  wow. this place is amazing mom. i've been eating a minimum of two plates of food at every meal, with snacks and lots of chocolate milk, and i've lost 3 pounds. not sure how, but its cool. the language is coming great. i prefer to write actual letters over email, so i'll do that with a more detailed account of this week later and give it to jessica tomorrow. i love you all!!! alma 5 is my favorite of all time!! along with moroni 10. the scriptures are so full of good stuff!! i've been missing out so much my whole life! i cant even believe it. 4 on stats isn't bad. the ties were brilliant!!! hahahaha i love them all!!! i now have 99 total. everyone on my floor was going through them offering money. i traded a few really bad ones for some actual nice nice ties. haha these guys love the crazy ones that you would never wear anywhere else. everyone said i'll be then next tie draft king, and i locked the nicest ties in my drawer. we all call it'the vault' now.:) i love you guys and i'll write you more details in a letter by tomorrow!! also the cherries were amazing. i've hidden them and only shared them with my distict. if i opened them to the public they would disappear so fast. last night we had security stop by our room because we were up late laughing and telling stories. (11:30). we didnt' even realize it was that late.
i'm eating tons, learning tons, feeling the spirit tons and laughing even more. i'll write you again.

A friend took this when she saw Jake on P-day heading to the Provo Temple.
Elder Bush and Elder McKee

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