Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Language is Awesome!

                                                                                                  July 24, 2015
Respotas Por Sua Perguntas  (Answers for the questions)

Where is everyone in your district from:
Elder Bush: Idaho Falls
Sister Moss:  Orem
Sister Walton: Wyoming
Sister Davis: Northern California
Sister Doyle:  Pennsylvania

Gum:  hahaha!  That was awesome!  (Jake asked mom to send him some mint gum.  He didn't say what kind of mint, so we sent him 6 packages of different mint gums.)

Burning the Language Books:  The kid that burned his books took a year of Portuguese, and he is SO smart.  When he gets back , he'll be going to his senior year at BYU and he's 18 right now.  He's a little weird, but he is super funny now that I have got to know him.  Anyways, he's super good at Portuguese and he hates the books.

My language is awesome!  We did TRC which is when a volunteer comes and we just meet with them, kinda like a home teaching.  Elder Bush and I didn't even make a plan, we just talked to them, shared scriptures, and made them goals to help them come closer to God.  All in Portuguese of course.

Here's a scripture I memorized in Portuguese:
Portanto, Que se console vosso coracao no que diz respeito a sino, pois toda carve este em minha maos; aquietaivos e sabei eu sou deus
Moma says: Which translates roughly to:
Thus, you can calm your heart regarding what was said about the sign, for it is all carved in my hands.  Calm yourselves and know that I am God.

Love, Elder McKee

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