Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Packing Up and Getting Ready

We tackled Jake's room.  After 3 bags of garbage, a car load of school work that he had kept since the 8th grade, and 2 bags to DI, the room was cleaned out. 
Mom snuck in to get a picture of him sleeping.  I'll miss him.
Brooke, Malena, Josh, and Andy scavenged his clothes.  It was like a garage sell. 

Picking ties to take.  

 2 years worth of stuff.
 Packing it all up.  We packed the biggest suitcase with stuff he shouldn't need until after the MTC.  Hopefully he can just put it away and not have to get in there for 6 weeks.
 Weighing his suitcases….about 130 lbs of stuff in 3 suitcases.
And he is all packed up!  

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